Business Due Diligence

We provide comprehensive due diligence checks and searches to ensure informed
decisions and mitigate potential risks in business partnerships and investments.

Name/address/location Of Vendor Check

With fraudulent activities on the rise, accepting information provided you by another company at face value without conducting the necessary checks only spells out doom. We double check and confirm the address and name of these businesses to make sure you only enter business with a legitimate company.

Directors of Vendors or Company Check

Before entering partnerships, assess individuals for track record, reputation, legal compliance, and managerial competence. Data security assessment is crucial too. Our streamlined procedures provide comprehensive insights for informed decisions and safeguarding business interests.

Appropriate license from Relevant Regulatory Authority check

In the world of business, licenses play a key role, and finding businesses with up-to-date licenses for their work can be tasking. We collaborate with all the relevant licensing authorities to get you the information you need.

Company Registration Check

Registered businesses are those that are acting within legal boundaries, so engaging in business with those is a safe option. Kayclassified does the due diligence on your behalf to ensure that your company is protected always.

Tax Certification Check

Verify tax payment authenticity with tax certificate checks for all taxpayers. Partnering with frequent tax evaders poses business risks. Essential when entering contracts to mitigate risks. Our efficient sourcing ensures prompt certificate acquisition, minimizing delays.

SSNIT Clearance Check

Forward-thinking organisations are keen on partnering with their counterparts, but that can be difficult if all attempts at finding Ssnit payment information of organisations have proven futile. You can rest assured in Kayclassified’s ability to fill you in on all you need to know.

Bank Check

Understanding a company's financials is crucial for mutually beneficial partnerships. Bank clearance is vital to prevent fraud. Ensuring all checks are verified before clearance is paramount. We handle this process efficiently, safeguarding your interests.