Background Checks

Background Checks

When you bring a new employee into your business to fill a key role, you're vulnerable to risk. Your business is exposed, as are your stakeholders, investors, clients, current employees, and suppliers. To operate successfully, you need to minimise that risk.

It's often not enough to take an application or CV at face value. You should undertake a thorough and comprehensive background check to put you in the best possible position when you make a hiring decision.

We specialise in providing organisations with in-depth, screening information on a candidate's background and qualifications from entry-levels to Executive Screening.

Criminal Records Check

Criminal Background Checks on Existing and Potential Employees. When hiring a new employee, there are several things your organisation needs to consider but it's important that you don't neglect to carry out a criminal record search on your potential recruit.

Conducting a criminal record search allows you to make an educated decision on the suitability of a candidate. Even if a crime does not automatically disqualify the applicant, you'll be best placed to decide on whether their criminal background could cause undue risk to your business.

Employment History Verification

When recruiting it's likely that you're looking for a candidate with relevant experience and an applicable employment history. And you need to be sure that your successful applicant hasn't elaborated on their previous roles or, even worse, falsified them entirely.

But tracking someone's employment history can be time- consuming, difficult, and prone to mistakes. So, when it comes to employment verification, trust the experts. Checking and verifying someone's employment history, we'll show you whether your applicant has the correct skills and experience for the role on offer, allowing you to make a sensible, informed decision.

We will provide an accurate overview of a candidate's employment history. By contacting former employers or authorised agents, we'll provide you with the important information you need to ensure that you hire the right person.

Academic And Education Verification

When your organisation is recruiting it is important to verify all necessary academic qualifications to avoid falsified information on a job application or even impersonation which will lead to employing unqualified employees.

Our academic verifications will examine your candidate's full academic history, ensuring that they are qualified and able to perform the duties you require, reducing the negative impact on your organisation that false academic qualifications can have.

We work alongside institutions and authorised agents to ensure that the verifications we carry out are as accurate as possible, giving you the information, you need to choose the correct candidate.

Professional Qualifications /
Membership Verification

Professional qualifications are vital for several roles and are a non-negotiable condition of employment for several businesses. In other industries, membership of a professional organisation or body is a prerequisite if a candidate is to be considered for a particular position. That means your company needs to ensure that any potential employees have the correct memberships or qualifications.

We verify the professional qualifications or organisation memberships that your candidate claims to belong to. Where necessary, we will contact the awarding organisation to confirm that the professional qualifications or memberships were awarded as claimed and provide you with a confirmation of your potential new hire's memberships and qualifications.

We will include levels and dates of qualifications, and the full details and expiry dates of any memberships. Because we can verify qualifications and memberships from organisations worldwide, we minimise the amount of risk you take when hiring a qualified professional.

Character Reference Check

An integral part of the candidate experience is checking the integrity of the candidate. Character reference check can will unveil certain experiences aside academics and any other social verification of a candidate. We engage referees to come out with certain vital information about a client.