About Us


We work in strict adherence to industry recognised standards. We use high quality sources such as government and direct sources where possible to ensure that our services are of the best quality and meet the highest standards.

Over 10 Years Experience

Being in business for more than a decade, we have familiarised ourselves with every nook and cranny of the background check industry, and we employ only the best methods to assist our clients in their quest to scale.

Global Reach

Wherever and however your people work, we've got you covered. With the help of our foreign partners we screen in several countries and territories. Our single platform provides a consistent candidate experience and one client portal.

Our Mission is to ensure

Choosing a background screening provider isn't easy. Each vendor is claiming to be exactly what you're looking for. But are they really?.

Our vision is to be the

leading service provider dedicated to excellence, integrity, and innovation, while providing measurable results to ensure clients maintain a safe, productive, and profitable workplace.

Trusted by Major Brands in the industry

We work with a touch of experience to provide unique solutions for everyone in Education, Recruitment Agency, Financial Services and Hospitality.


Projects Completed

As an HR tech solutions and risk management provider, we've assisted individuals, businesses, and other firms by finding information and analyzing it.


Check Complete Rate

We've also been adept at connecting dots to uncover facts about all other projects where needed. We have the ability and expertise to address virtually any recruitment risk needs.


Records Downloaded

We've provided myriad background screenings for reputable institutions with each vendor claiming to be exactly what they were looking for..


In-depth Screening

We specialize in providing organizations with in-depth, screening information on a candidate's background and qualifications from entry-level to Executive Screening.